Cardboard Room
T. Brendley



Faster, faster, faster. Hurry up.  Another day is going by before I’m even up and I can tell the time but time will tell the tale. Looking for the clock through the blankets on my head.


And now I’m here and you’re over there, and they’re everywhere.  Looking around to try to see what happened. Over here, but I wasn’t there so I couldn’t tell you.


 I know it’s late so I apologize. The sun is bright it hurts my head, burns my weary eyes. If I could find the keys then I’ll be on my way. Can’t remember where they went, I lost them yesterday.


 I’m still here and they’re over there and you’re everywhere. Looking around to try to find me. Over here, but you’re over there so you couldn’t find me.


Life is like a box of chocolates, or maybe a roulette wheel. You never know what you’ll get, you never know where to bet.


But I got your number, off the wall, at a local bar, in the second stall.

So if you wanna find me, I’ll be in this bed. Staring at the clock through the blankets on my head.


Cause I’m here. And you’re over there. And they’re everywhere. Looking around to see what happened. Over here. But I wasn’t there, so I couldn’t tell you.